Bluff Point Medical Centre


Practice Billing Policy

The everyday cost of running a Medical practice has continued to increase and unfortunately the Medicare Patient Rebate has failed to keep up with these costs. Therefore in order for our dedicated team of Doctors, Nurses and Support team to continue providing a high level of medical care and service the Bluff Point Doctor’s Surgery has had to amend our Billing Policy. Commencing the 1st of August 2022 all patients will be required to pay a gap or out of pocket cost, including concession and pension card holders. All consult fees must be paid on the day of your appointment, If you hold a valid Medicare card and you have your bank details registered with Medicare we may be able to provide you with the Medicare rebate directly into your account on the day.

Standard doctor consultation prices

Private fee

Commonwealth Concession card Holder fee

 Health care/Pensioner card

Rebate (amount that Medicare will cover and pay to the practice or to the patient (if eligible)

Brief Consult

straight forward consult




Standard Consult

less than 20 min




Long Consult

less than 40min consult in relation to one or more health related issues




Extended Consult

A consult lasting more than 40 mins in relation to one or more health related issues




Medical Safety Net

If you need to see a doctor or have tests regularly you could end up with high medical costs. The Medicare Safety Net is designed to help you when you need it most. Contact Medicare for more information

Consumables and private vaccinations

When you attend the practice there may be consumables used. Consumables can include medical products, local anaesthetic, disposable surgical instruments, sterilising, sutures, casts , dressings and vaccines. These are payable on the day and cannot be claimed back from Medicare.  All costs will be discussed with you at the time of consultation, If you would like a quote on vaccination costs please contact the practice.