Bluff Point Medical Centre


Bluff Point Medical Centre provides comprehensive healthcare to the local community.

What is a General Practice?

A General Practice is the central place to go for all your health care needs. Working with you, your healthcare needs are coordinated by your doctor (can be referred to as a General Practitioner or GP) with the support of a compassionate team of clinic staff and nurses.

A doctor is part of a team that together work out how to keep their patients well through all stages of life. General Practices are there to help you when you are not well or have suffered an injury, but they also promote positive health activities like eating well, and prevention activities  such as childhood and adult immunisations. Sometimes this can be achieved simply with just a visit to your doctor, other times they may recommend you see another team member like a nurse, or a physiotherapist.  You may be asked to go for some tests to help with diagnosing or monitoring your health, these can include blood tests or medical images to be taken (x-ray etc). Your doctor can also ask a specialist doctor to take part in your care like a heart (cardiac) specialist at a hospital or a psychologist to provide specialist mental health treatment.  What is important to remember is all of these other health professionals will report back to your doctor so that they can keep informed.


Your General Practice is not an emergency service. If you, or a person you are with is experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath or have collapsed phone 000 immediately.

Cold, Flu and COVID Symptoms

To help prevent our staff and other patients from getting ill please inform the receptionist at the time of booking your appointment or prior to arriving if you have cold / flu symptoms, even if this is not the reason that you are wanting to see the doctor/ nurse. We can arrange phone consultations or advise you on how to safely attend your appointment.


The following is a list of the services that we can provide. For all these services an appointment with your doctors is the first place to start. If you need something that we cannot provide your doctor or nurse will recommend or refer you to another service.

  • General Practice Doctors: both female and male doctors.
  • Women’s Health and Men’s Health Checks
  • Child and adolescent health
    • childhood vaccinations
  • Sexual Health: contraception advice and procedures including Implanon & Mirena
  • Mental health concerns
  • Older adults health
    • Cognitive assessments
  • Skin Clinic (skin checks and minor surgery)
  • Early Pregnancy ( up to 20 weeks)
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Anaesthetic
  • Drivers Licence Assessments
  • DVA Care
  • Travel Clinic GP: travel health advice and vaccinations and medications
  • Chronic Disease Care and management
    • Diabetes Care
    • Asthma care and COPD
    • Heart Health
  • Health Assessments
  • Nursing Services
    • Immunisations
    • Wound Dressings
    • INR (International Normalised Ratio)
    • Venesections
    • Suture removal
    • Blood pressure check
    • Spirometry
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Ankle Brachial Indexes (ABI)