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Skin Checks

Bluff Point Skin Clinic

We live in one of the most beautiful sunny places in the world but sadly that also comes with skin cancer risk. A comprehensive skin check is vital for early detection of skin cancer.

Dr Helko Schenk is an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. Doctors with this qualification have undergone further high level training to enhance their skills in the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.

Bluff point Skin Clinic uses “dermengine” technology to assist with dermatology , capture images, record and track skin lesions, such as freckles and moles.

Dr Helko Schenk can review any skin concerns you have or perform whole body skin checks.

Call our friendly staff to ask their advice on what to book for your circumstance.  As a general guide to have a doctor look at a few spots of concern a 10-minute appointment with the doctor will be required. A full body skin check will require a 30-minute appointment.

Did You Know?

SCAN your skin!

Sore Changing Abnormal New


A spot which is sore (scaly, itchy, bleeding, tender) and doesn’t heal within 6 weeks.


Changing in size, shape, colour or texture.


Looks different, feels different, or stands out when compared to your other spots and moles.


Has appeared on your skin recently. Any new moles or spots should be checked, especially if you are over 40

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