Bluff Point Medical Centre

Skin surgery and treatment

Bluff point has a skilled team able to perform minor surgery to remove or investigate skin concerns. All surgery will require a full prior consultation before the booking of any procedure.

Skin surgery can include.

  • Punch/ Shave Biopsies – a small sample taken for examination and sent away to a pathology laboratory to establish what it is and so guide the doctor in future treatment if needed.
  • Excisions – complete removal of the skin concern such as a mole or mark. These will also be sent away for examination to establish exactly what it is and what if any future treatment is required.
  • Repair using grafts – can be used where the area is delicate or there is a larger excision needed to be made.


The cost for skin surgery is varied and can change depending on amount  and size of excision/ biopsies performed on the day as well as the type of lesion removed.

With an excision it is important to note that the medical practice will not be able to charge for the surgery until the pathology result is back from the laboratory, this can take 7-10 days. This is due to the rebate from Medicare varying depending on the type of skin concern removed.

Skin surgery for clinical reasons is eligible for Medicare rebates, the team will be able to explain how much you will get back from Medicare and help process your claim .

Non-Surgical Treatments

Bluff Point Skin Clinic can provide where suitable non-surgical treatments for some skin conditions, your doctor will advise you if this is a potentially suitable treatment option.

These include:

Cryotherapy – Use of liquid nitrogen to freeze skin lesions such as warts.

5 FU Cal – Innovative treatment of compounded Efudix and Vitamin D cream for pre-cancerous skin concerns. The combination of the two ingredients shorten the treatment time normally required for efudix treatment form 4-6 weeks to 3-4 days. The treatment is not suitable for all skin cancer concerns, it can work for non-pigmented sun damage and superficial (in situ) SCC  skin cancers. Treatment can be achieved from home under the guidance and education of the nurse team.

All these treatments require a consultation first, after which the team can book you for the minor surgery of treatment

Please contact our friendly team to make an appointment with the Skin Clinic


The cost for skin treatments is varied and can change depending on amount performed on the day. Some treatments are not covered by Medicare including 5FuCal. Your doctor will explain potential costs during consultation.

Consumable Costs

There are consumables used for skin surgery which can include products, local anaesthetic, surgical items and dressings. These are payable on the day and cannot be claimed back from Medicare.

Large Pack ( used with excisions) – $70

Small Pack ( biopsies) – $40

Graft Pack ( graft and complex surgery) – $100

5FU Cal – $69 – $253


You will be given full details of how to look after the surgery area and arrangements made to return to check on the progress.

Please do not hesitate to contact the practice if you have any concerns after the surgery/ treatment.